Machinery and the Maidens

Machinery and the Maidens
04:54 Jun 29, 2021

After schoolgirl Yui Suzuki's science teacher shows her a special research lab, she doesn't realize one of the experiments has come home with her... until the next day in class, when her stockings develop tendrils that begin to stimulate her pussy under the desk! Yui hurries to the bathroom, where the feelers move even further, squeezing her tits and stimulating her clit until she squirts! Yui calls her teacher, who immediately takes her back to the lab and places her in restraints for """"treatment."""" But after a full-body massage from several pairs of mechanical hands makes the schoolgirl cum, the professor reveals this was all part of her master Vibe Procrat's plan to turn Yui into the perfect subordinate. There are many more mechanisms to stimulate her big tits while stretching her pussy and ass, as well as fucking machines to make Yui squirt as her ahegao faces show how much she's enjoying the experience. This erotic experiment is just getting started when Vibe Procrat appears to take over Yui's training personally...

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