Hyoudou Ibuki

Hyoudou Ibuki
04:56 May 9, 2021

Student council president Ibuki Hyoudou is supposed to set a good example for the rest of the school... so no one can find out that she fucks her boyfriend, Hiroto Itono, in empty classrooms every morning. Ibuki blames their falling grades on Hiroto's constant horniness getting in the way of studying, and after he surprises her with public doggystyle sex in a crowded elevator, followed by a nakadashi creampie in the bathroom, she says no more nookie until after their big test! Unfortunately, it turns out Ibuki is the real nympho, and she finds herself fantasizing about spying as busty guidance counselor Ms. Kirisaki seduces Hiroto in her office, then gets carried away daydreaming of Hiroto slapping her face with his cock, making her suck it, and pounding her pussy on a desk! Ibuki's sexual frustration lands her in the infirmary, where Hiroto gives her the treatment she needs: fingering her pussy. Will these horny teens manage to pass the test so they can go back to their ecchi ways?

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